Dominik Geimer
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System administrator and spare-time developer

I have been a full-time IT systems administrator and project manager for various Microsoft technologies for well over a decade, this includes Hyper-V, Microsoft 365 and Azure among others. In my spare time, I develop web applications using the Laravel framework and ecosystem.

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Cutting Costs in Azure: Strategies and Best Practices for Optimizing Your Cloud Spending


Explore ways to cut costs in Azure, including choosing the right pricing model, using reserved instances and automation tools, and monitoring usage. Learn valuable tips to save money on your Azure bill.

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How to Call an External API from PowerShell


How to call an external API from PowerShell using the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet. The steps for using this cmdlet to make an API call, process the response, and work with the data returned by the API are described in detail.

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Building an Instant Search with Laravel Livewire and Laravel Scout


How to use Laravel Livewire and Laravel Scout to build an instant search that allows users to search a dataset in real-time as they type. Using Livewire and Scout makes it easy to implement instant search in your Laravel applications.

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Current project
TALL Stack Starter Kit

The perfect starting point for your next project

The TALL Stack Starter Kit is based on Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, Laravel and Livewire. It is the perfect starting point to develop your own SaaS applications and already includes all essential features.

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