Dominik Geimer

System administrator and spare-time developer

I have been a full-time IT systems administrator and project manager for various Microsoft technologies for well over a decade, this includes Hyper-V, Microsoft 365 and Azure among others. In my spare time, I develop web applications using the Laravel framework and ecosystem.


Publish an RDS RemoteApp from a network share


It is not possible to publish a RemoteApp via the Sever Manager if it is located on a network share, but you can still do it via PowerShell.

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Remove back quotes around inline code in Tailwind CSS Typography

Tailwind CSS

By default, all inline code blocks in the Tailwind CSS typography plugin are surrounded by additional back quotes. You have two different options to remove them, if you don’t like this behavior.

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Change the icon of a published RemoteApp in Windows Server


If you have selected an incorrect icon when publishing a RemoteApp on a Remote Desktop Services server, then unfortunately this cannot be changed via the GUI, but you can use the PowerShell to change it.

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TALL Stack Starter Kit

The perfect starting point for your next project

The TALL Stack Starter Kit is based on Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, Laravel and Livewire. It is the perfect starting point to develop your own SaaS applications and already includes all essential features.

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